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for Edinburgh Fringe 2019, zounds!, role: Hades “It is the flamboyant Hades that steals the show.” -

“Paternal Instinct” Best Actor in an Indie Film - New York Film Awards.


  • WeScreenplay Diverse Voices FINALIST 2019 - The Homestudy

  • Katra Film Festival Screenwriting Competition FINALIST- The Homestudy

  • Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards 2019 FINALIST - The Homestudy


  • "Interesting themes, catchy grooves...the talent is obvious." - Billboard Songwriting Contest

  • "Derek Nicoletto...dark and booking, his energetic yet introspective set took in the crown...His set had punk rock intensity with glam rock underpinnings...crowd awing, all-in showmanship." - Out Magazine

  • "Fantastic live set.  Great sound."  Stevie Van Zandt at Fashion's Night Out

  • "An electropop up-and-comer." - Time Out New York

  • "A singer with heart and soul." - Indie Round Up

  • "Versatility and soulfulness." - Infuze

  • Reverbnation Featured Artist - 2011

  • "Passion, talent and ingenuity." - SuChin Pak, MTV News Correspondent

  • "Nicoletto has a unique voice that carries and captures his vivid lyrical imagery." - Blog Critics Magazine

"Nicoletto empowers Foam Ropes with the one-two combination of his voice as a singer, and his voice as a songwriter. These two traits help the project really stand out, especially when combined with the powerful instrumentation that backs the album and its nine tracks.  By and large, Nicoletto succeeds in developing an experience as opposed to just an album through deep and varied songwriting, coupled with stirring performances." - Heath Andrews, May 2015 

"Foam Ropes is an Indie Pop fantastic voyage through the master craftsmanship of one singer/songwriter Derek Nicoletto.Leaving his path in music to study acting, little did Derek know the universe would lead him full circle. His 9 song, self-titled debut is an aurally refreshing ode to the great solo songcrafters who have contributed to this world’s catalog of indie pop’s more soulful expressions." - Middle Tennessee Music, June 22, 2015

"Sure to stir the soul and move the body... a good mix of talent, song styles, and catchy hooks that will keep everyone entertained." ~ 5 Stars (out of 5). Matthew Forss, Indie World Music 


Electropop singer Derek Nicoletto says he doesn’t want his forthcoming “Just Panic and Get it Over With” to be a routine album release — he wants it to be the soundtrack for a “worldwide art movement.” And so he appears to be well on his way, having wrangled artists from around the globe to make works inspired by the EP, which he plans to exhibit in a series of group exhibitions in Honolulu, Manchester, Provincetown, and beyond, beginning July 12-14 at 287 Spring Galleryin New York.

For the inaugural show, three-dozen local artists created works in just about every medium, all referencing the new album in some way. (The only restriction was that Nicoletto himself not appear as the subject.) Most works will be available for sale, at prices set by the artists, throughout the weekend.

“Just Panic and Get it Over With” hits stores April 19.


"Some of you may remember Derek Nicoletto from his band Telling on Trixie.  As a solo act, Nicoletto favors synth-pop with all of its dance-music associations. Picking up where his 2011 solo debut left off, on the six-song EP Just Panic and Get It Over With (7 Trick Pony), Nicoletto serves up big beats on the royally funky “Kings Are We.” It’s the kind of exhilarating song you can strut around the dance floor to like the big queen that you are. “F5” keeps the dance-party panic going and your heart rate racing. “Mother Numb It” dips into the drum’n bass pool and comes up dripping dizzying beats. “Blink of an Eye,” the sexiest cut, has spring dance anthem written all over it, while “Hell in Gramercy” indicates that Nicoletto hasn’t abandoned his harder-edged side."  - Gregg Shapiro, OutSmart Magazine (Apr 01, 2013)