Having penned scores of pop/rock songs for his own bands, other artists and commercial projects, Nicoletto has become a well-known voice in the independent music scene and a voting member of the Grammy Awards.  

Charting on hundreds of FM and college stations or live on Sirius radio, Derek's songs have reached millions of people on the radio waves. His songs have been used in over 25 television programs and several commercials. Most recently: MTV (several shows), VH1, NBC, CBS, NBC Dateline, FuseTV, E!, A&E, Sports NY, Spike TV, LOGO, Lifetime, OWN. Comm: KMart, Levi's, Radio Shack, Hyundai, State Farm, PGA Tour, and more.

In 2015, Derek Nicoletto returned back to his rock and roll roots and in band formation with the new project, Foam Ropes.  Foam Ropes' self-titled debut album was released April 2015, marking Nicoletto's sixth studio album. "Thoughtful, provocative and worthwhile" - A Vocal Accord

Just Panic and Get It Over With (2013) followed Derek Nicoletto’s first-ever solo album, Kind Ghosts (2011 7 Trick Pony/Island Def Jam Distribution). On his debut, Nicoletto flaunted a more electropop direction from his former rock band, Telling on Trixie.  Telling on Trixie was disbanded, and Derek went solo, when lead guitarist Tommy Kessler left to join the legendary band Blondie, and other members of the band left to open Rock of Ages on Broadway. In 2006-2009, Telling on Trixie produced two full studio albums Telling on Trixie and Ugly, Broke and Sober, 

To accompany the tour for Just Panic and Get It Over With, Nicoletto curated a number of art exhibitions around the world starting in NYC, the city he calls home. Over twenty and counting handpicked visual artists are currently in the process of creating pieces inspired by a song of their choice from Just Panic And Get It Over With. After the SoHo, NYC gallery opening in mid-July, a number of other international cities will be announced as the next step for the Just Panic exhibition tour. The tour stretched from Connecticut to Bari, Italy and has new partnerships and cities still in the planning in 2015. 

"An artist is and artist, whether actor, singer, songwriter or author.  My songs are scenes and my scenes are songs."

Foam Ropes

Foam Ropes (2015)


Just Panic and Get It Over With

Derek Nicoletto (2013)


Kind Ghosts

Derek Nicoletto (2011)


Champion Remix

Derek Nicoletto (2012)