• LOVER LOVER.  In December 2017, Derek Nicoletto will direct Lover Lover, a play by Veronika Gribanova. After a two-week, sold-out run at the Toronto Fringe Festival in the summer of 2017, theatre company Subverting Something brings Veronika Gribanova’s play Lover Lover to the The Duplex in New York City’s iconic Greenwich Village.  Lover Lover is a story about heartbreak, identity, sexuality, polyamory, and about the limitations and possibilities of love. It is the story of two lovers that have never met, and another one that’s oddly holding them together. Full of surprises, this site-specific piece is an intimate conversation between strangers in a public space. It unfolds in real time, with the audience around them. In “Lover Lover,” the characters come to The Duplex to see a show…and end up being the entertainment.  Get your tickets by clicking on one of the showdates below!

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 BACKSTAGE Magazine interview July 7, 2017

#IGotCast With Backstage: Derek Nicoletto

New York actor Derek Nicoletto has some advice for his fellow urbanites: Leave. “Be open to traveling outside Manhattan or Brooklyn,” he says. “We’d all love to get great roles in the city, but it’s more important to be acting as much as possible than to be making the commute an easy one. Sometimes ‘pounding the pavement’ means a highway, not a sidewalk.”

Nicoletto’s creed is working for him. In the past year, he’s been cast in several projects through Backstage, including the leading role in the play “Soulmates or Nada,” as well as in “Reach Out” at the upcoming Open Hydrant Theater Company Urban Waves Festival.

Backstage has been instrumental in his success. “I created a role search specific to my type, location, and age range,” he says. “When a listing fits this description, a notice is sent out to me immediately, so I am able to respond as quickly as possible.”

Backstage was also pivotal in Nicoletto’s decision to transition from a more traditional job to acting full-time. “I was an attorney for 10 years before quitting completely to study at an NYC conservatory that advertised on Backstage,” he says. “I use Backstage daily now that I’m well-trained and ready for the world of auditioning.”

Read the interview here. https://www.backstage.com/interview/igotcast-backstage-derek-nicoletto/


AUGUST 22-26: NEW YORK THEATRE FESTIVAL at Hudson Guild Theatre.



 a part of THE NEW YORK THEATRE FESTIVAL:  AUGUST 22-26, 2017 at the Hudson Theatre Guild. See Derek Nicoletto in LAKE OF SORROW by E. Thomalen,

TICKETS:  http://newyorktheaterfestival.com/lake-of-sorrow/ at the Hudson Guild Theater.



See Derek Nicoletto in "Reach Out" at Open Hydrant Theatre Company.

June 23-25 2017 - A SKETCH OF NEW YORK - SKETCH COMEDY  - The Producer's Club, New York

Take a break from the news cycle! And Facebook! 
Here is the ticket link for A Sketch of New York next weekend. There are 3 casts performing the entire weekend. My cast performs at the following times at The Producer's Club on 43rd and 9th.
Friday, June 23 at 6 p.m.
Saturday, June 24 at 1 p.m.
Sunday, June 25 at 1 p.m. AND 6 p.m.Saturday, June 24 at 1 p.m.  TICKETS

AUGUST 22-26, 2017:  See Derek Nicoletto in  LAKE OF SORROWS by E. Thomalen as part of the Thespis Festival at the Hudson Guild Theater.




Derek Nicoletto is an actor with experience in theater, film, tv, hosting and improv.  He has studied at the prestigious Atlantic Acting School in New York city and Matthew Corozine Studios. (resume below)


Derek Nicoletto     Photo by Aaron Lenhart

Derek Nicoletto    Photo by Aaron Lenhart

Derek Nicoletto    Photo by Aaron Lenhart


"Orca"                                                               Stevie                                  Circus Elephant Films (dir. Jehan Semper)

“Dads”            (CBC )                                      Lead                                        The Sound Research/Tabula Rasa

“The Night Of” (HBO)                                   Prisoner                      Steven Zaillian/ The Night Of Productions, LLC

"The Wake" (short)                                        Tony                                      dir. Mark Albini

"Courtesy Kills"                                             Meth Head                            NYFA / Norvel Hermanovskid

"The Jim Gaffigan Show" (TV Land)          Literati                                    Steven Tsuchida

"Odd Mom Out" (Bravo)                             Hamptons party guest       Left/Right Productions Piro Vision Jax Media

“LOGO Rock Music Special”                         Host                                      MTV LOGO (dir. Julian Rad)

“LOGO Summer Festival Special”                Host                                    MTV LOGO(dir. Julian Rad)

“LOGO SXSW Music Special”                      Host                                      MTV LOGO(dir. Julian Rad)



LAKE OF SORROWS                   Rothbart Reflection/ Lord North  New York Theatre Festival, Hudson Guild Theatre (dir. Andrea                                                                                                                                             Andresakis)

REACH OUT                                                Officer                                     Open Hydrant Theatre Co. (dir. Angelica Vicens)

A SKETCH OF NEW YORK                        Ensemble                              The Producer's Guild (dir. Joe DiNozzi)

SOULMATES OR NADA                             Stephano (lead)                   Teatro LATEA

24 HOUR PLAY MARATHON                        Dominic                              MCS Theatre (dir. Rayna White)

UCB SHOWCASE                                                                                         UCB (dir. Chelsea Clarke)

GODSPELL                                                    Ensemble                               Indiana University (dir. Daniel Shock)

IU SING 1994                                                Emcee, lead                            Indiana University

TORCH SONG TRILOGY                            Ed                                           Denver Center Theater (dir. Kirby Lewellen)

TEN PERCENT REVUE                               Lead, Various                         Denver Center Theatre (dir. Susan Draus)

*Denver Critics Circle Awards:

Best Ensemble Nomination                                                                            


The Corporate Headquarters         Hippo                                   Panorama Gallery, NYC /   D. Doubin/ V. Bonet


NEXIUM, AstraZeneca                       Aging rock star                      Broadstreet Productions,  New York, NY

NEXIUM, AstraZeneca                       Game show host                    Broadstreet Productions,  Las Vegas, NV

Matrix L’Oreal                                        Singing hairstylist                 Estee Lauder,             New York, NY

Farxiga, AstraZeneca                         Comedic singer                      Blueprint NYC, New York, NY          


Acting:  Atlantic Acting School - Full-time conservatory;  Matthew Corozine Studio (Meisner-based training, Matthew Corozine instructor)

Voice: Wendy Parr Studios; John Zupan Studios.   

Improv: Upright Citizens Brigade (New York, NY), Second City (Players Workshop – Chicago, IL)

Juris Doctor, Law - Brooklyn Law School - Brooklyn, NY

Bachelor of Arts - New School for Social Research - New York, NY; Indiana University - Bloomington, IN



Established recording artist, songwriter, Grammy Award voting member, numerous music videos, tour/music credits. 

Languages:  English, German (proficient), French (proficient), Spanish (proficient),Italian (beginner)

Accents:  German, Minnesotan, Midwestern, Southern, French, Italian