House of O at Maison = a TON of fun!

From House of O at Maison O. Amidst the awesome music downstairs after the supper club, they were kind enough to ask Kiyanu (guitars, MD), Leo (percussion) and I to do a mini- rock set on the dance floor. It was so cool. If you haven't been to House of O at Maison O yet, please go! It's definitely a ton of fun, fabulousness but no icky attitude, and it reminds me of the parties we used to have in NYC when I moved here in '98.  It was such a wonderful experience singing face-to-face for some of NYC nightlife's legends.
Here I am with Leo Freire, my awesome, cool drummer.


Derek Nicoletto to perform at House of O at Maison O, Monday, March 3

Derek Nicoletto will perform at NYC's hottest party on Monday nights, House of O at Maison O.

Monday, March 3.  Supper begins at 9. Performance by Derek Nicoletto at midnight.

Presented by Sloan Morgan: with Amanda Lepore, Paul Alexander, Frankie Sharp and the Westgay Family, Billy Beyond, AZRAEA, Santiago Felipe, The Huggums, Jayme Thaler, Stephanie Stone.  For reservations, email houseofo2014 at g mail .  

Maison O is located at 98 Kenmare.



Derek Nicoletto was selected as a finalist in Italy's new talent competition founded by the legendary hit-maker of Italy, Piero Cassano.   The Performance will take place December 28th in Bitonto, Italy.  Derek will be singing an original piece.

The performance takes place at the majestic Teatro Traetta di Bitonto. 

The performance takes place at the majestic Teatro Traetta di Bitonto. 

Just Panic And Get It Over With, Connecticut


On Friday, November 1st, Derek Nicoletto’s second installation of his traveling art project, "Just Panic And Get It Over With,” arrives for a month-long exhibition in Putnam, Connecticut, presented by The Empty Spaces Project, located at 114 Main St., Putnam.

Opening reception begins at 5 p.m, followed by a live performance at 7 p.m. at The Stomping Ground, located next door to the Empty Spaces Project.  Read more about it here.


OutSmart review of Just Panic And Get It Over With

"Some of you may remember Derek Nicoletto from his band Telling on Trixie.  As a solo act, Nicoletto favors synth-pop with all of its dance-music associations. Picking up where his 2011 solo debut left off, on the six-song EP Just Panic and Get It Over With (7 Trick Pony), Nicoletto serves up big beats on the royally funky “Kings Are We.” It’s the kind of exhilarating song you can strut around the dance floor to like the big queen that you are. “F5” keeps the dance-party panic going and your heart rate racing. “Mother Numb It” dips into the drum’n bass pool and comes up dripping dizzying beats. “Blink of an Eye,” the sexiest cut, has spring dance anthem written all over it, while “Hell in Gramercy” indicates that Nicoletto hasn’t abandoned his harder-edged side."  - Gregg Shapiro, OutSmart Magazine (Apr 01, 2013)